Finding Ease,

    Clarity & Joy

    In our

    True Nature

  • Are you looking for more inner vitality, clarity, love and well being?
    Looking for freedom from stress, anxiety or frustration?

    I help people to find the inner ease and comfort that is our true nature…

    from where all of our best experiences, solutions and productive conversations arise...

    where we feel good about ourselves and what we bring to the world.

    I love what I do because I see the difference it makes in people’s lives,

    waking up to their true nature,

    and would love to share this understanding with you.

  • “Bill helped me uncover the love and clarity that was within me 

    during what appeared to be a very stressful period in my life. 

    Our conversations allowed me see that my life was perfect the way it was 

    and the only “problem” I had was that I was believing my thinking. 

    Life has become lighter and much more enjoyable since I started coaching with Bill. 

    He is kind, caring, and an absolute gem!!” 
    — Victoria

  • Musings

    25. Juni 2022
    A friend was telling me today about how their sister could spend hours outside reading and enjoy...
    Have you ever felt like there's something steering things into your life that changes where you...
    11. November 2021
    Sometimes I hear myself saying "There aren't enough hours in the day," because there are so many...
  • Work with Me

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    One on One Coaching

    In-depth, personal support in finding freedom from anxiety, stress and fear through insight and our natural resilience.

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    Couples & Families

    (Re)Find the love and connection that is always there beneath the details of our lives.
    Has always been there. Will always be there.

  • If you would like to learn more about my coaching services and receive
    a free 20-minute session to experience what coaching with me is like, please contact me.

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