• I've always looked for a sense of inner peace and harmony, which led me down many paths with years of meditation, retreats and self-development courses.

    Although I was "developing" on these paths, there was always something more to work on and new things to add to "improve" myself.

    Several years ago I came across an understanding that has changed all that. Through some simple principles, I see that I don't need to work on myself or strive to improve or fix something in me. I see that everything I was always looking for has always been right here within me, and there wasn't anything that needed fixing.

    I had known this intellectually, that what I was seeking was within me, but I always seemed to come up a bit short of living what I knew. With all the strategies, techniques and beliefs I was using, there was a simple misunderstanding that stood between me and experiencing the fullness of the creative flow and love I knew existed in me.

    I see now that the fullness of life I was seeking has always been here, fully available in every moment. And this is true for all of us. None of us needs to fix anything about ourselves, because what we're looking for is who we are. It's our true nature.

    I am coaching individuals and couples in finding the ease, clarity and joy that is always available, in each of us, without using techniques and strategies.

    Through coaching, I help people wake up to their innate well being, to go through life's ups and downs more gracefully, and find their way to more feelings of love and understanding. It's in us all. It's our true nature. Sometimes it's just out of view.

    If you are looking to live your life more fully, let's talk and we can explore whether you think this would be a good fit for you.

  • “Bill is an amazing & gifted Coach. He is committed to his clients & coaches 

    with much compassion, understanding, encouragement, and deep wisdom and insight.”
    -- Gayle