How many hours do I need?

Sometimes I hear myself saying "There aren't enough hours in the day," because there are so many things I love doing and not enough time to do them all.

Reflecting on this, I see that that expression, as much as it's a positive expression of the love of living life, is based on the idea that more hours doing what I love would give me a fuller or happier life. Like, if the number of hours in a day would change to be 26 or 28, my experience of life would be fuller or better in some way. Hmm... is that really true?

Does the fullness of my life come from how much fun stuff I do, or is it a function of how I'm experiencing life right now, period. Do I ever really have anything other than right now? If I take a good, honest look, it looks like right now is all I ever have, no matter how long or short a day is.

So maybe thinking there aren't enough hours in the day is my minds attempt to guide me to a fuller life based on the idea that my life is made up of a past, present and future and the more I've done in the past, the more fulfilled I'll be in the present, which could lead to a fuller future.

Hmm... is that really how it works or is it an innocent misunderstanding about the nature of time. Could it be that right now is all there really is? And how fully I experience life has nothing to do with what happened before or what happens in the future. Could it be that how fully I experience life is what I'm experiencing right now... forever?

Could it be that simple? It would sure change how I look at my past and my future.